Silkworm eggs (Bombyx mori) for pedagogy and animal feed, available all year!

BombyBox Butterfly farming school

BombyBox Butterfly farming school
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BombyBox Butterfly farming school
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The butterfly breeding BombyBox kit is easy and education kit, available all year, family or class.
Introduce the different life cycles of the butterfly Bombyx mori, Bombyx mulberry, there is no risk of escape with this species, either from caterpillar to butterfly.
The total life cycle lasts from 30 to 40 days.
Breeding butterflies will amaze children, own extraordinary features of this species to be discovered through educational games.
Bombyx mori is the species of "silkworm".

Easy butterfly breeding and educational BombyBox kit, consists of:
- Approximately 50 eggs
- 50 grams of powdered food
- 5 real silk cocoons
- 2 micro-perforated plastic box 1L
- 4 plastic magnifiers
- 1 pot of 60 ml vermiculite
- 1 tweezers plastic clip
- Educational games to download in PDF format (monitoring Calendar Breeding Silkworms Silk Road silk thread, Coloring of silkworms, and life cycle of silkworms, Puzzle lifecycle silkworms, 8 Sheets Quiz Question / Answer, 10 Sheets Quiz True / False)

Not suitable for children under 3 years.
Contains small parts that can be swallowed or inhaled. Danger of suffocation.
Do not leave unattended.
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Cold Pack +6/+8°C
Cold Pack +6/+8°C
Advisable !
Recharge Egg + Food BombyBox
Recharge Egg + Food BombyBox