Silkworm eggs (Bombyx mori) for pedagogy and animal feed, available all year!

Breeding Kit LARGE Silk Worms

Breeding Kit LARGE Silk Worms
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Breeding Kit LARGE Silk Worms
Reference : 3-KELAR
The kit LARGE consists of:

1: Thermo / hygrometer analog ø 7.5 cm
1: 2-4 mm Vermiculite 60ML
1: Food tong 20 cm
4: Micro-perforated plastic box 1L
1: Box 38x14x24cm transport and farming

The "LARGE" kit contains the hardware to assemble and optimize the parameters essential to the success of your breeding (heat source, temperature and humidity checking, box to keep the silkworms at maturity).
This kit to raise silkworms is advisable if you can not pick up all the equipment. You will also find every product that can be sold separately by unit in the "Accessories" category.

The duration of a cycle of silkworm from egg to butterfly is about 40 days.
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Complete educational package
Complete educational package