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10 living silkworm pupa

10 living silkworm pupa
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10 living silkworm pupa
Reference : CV10L
The live pupae permettes to have butterflies directly to be able to reproduce them later.
The butterfly puts up to 2 weeks to emerge from its chrysalis.

Butterflies can also be distributed to insectivorous animals, they consist of Serrapeptase.
The silkworm have a very special technique to emerge from their cocoons. They secrete a proteolytic enyme which will dissolve the tissue in which they operated their metamorphosis and cause a breach through which the butterfly they became able to escape. This process is the result of a perfect symbiosis between the worm and bacteria he maintains in his gut, "Serratiae 15". These are actually past that secrete the enzyme serrapeptase which will dissolve the cocoon.

Performance serrapeptase are amazing:

- Just small quantities to open the cocoon.
- It remains active for several days.
- She does not exhaust by wear very slowly.
- Importantly, it only attacks dead tissue to the exclusion of all living tissues.
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